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What is Web development?

Web development includes all the tasks which are related to developing webpages and websites for hosting on the internet or intranet. Web development mainly includes writing markups, code and programs for the functionality of the website according to the customer’s requirements. The steps for web development includes creating the website design, getting the design approved, developing/adding the web content, client-side scripting, server-side scripting and network configuration etc.

Why Choose SSA Soft?

We set forth to construct websites for the businesses to grow. We develop one of a kind of products to add more value to your brand. Our web development services are personalized by keeping in view the requirements which are stated by the clients. Developing websites helps you form your business name in the market. Consequently, we make sure of it that you experience operations which are without any lags, faults and run smoothly. Your hosted website will run at the optimal level.

Additionally, our services are tailored to assist you and extract the find the best potential for your business. With the exceptional services provided by SSA Soft, you will be guaranteed to grow your business’s profit, sales and target market. Our first and foremost mission is to transform your business ideas for the perfect website into functional reality.


is one of the leading markets which are being emerged for the business world. Now-a-days people want quick access to their favorite brands, services and products. E-commerce allows your business to be open at all time furthermore it is a technique to reach out to a much bigger target audience. SSA Soft plays both parts in delivering an efficient e-commerce website with the web design and website development for your business. The website is a main component of any e-commerce business. The website is the main component for any e-commerce business, the more responsive and interactive the website is the better the customer experience.

We know that the customers have changes and upgrades for their businesses. Hence we offer customizable e-commerce solutions.

Components of our Web Development Process

  • We devote a great deal of consulting time in comprehending your business idea, your main objective and then we draft out a strategic scheme to attain the outcome in the most economical way.
  • The expert approach we use confirms the delivery of the project on time and stays within the budget limits.
  • We give special importance on the feature of scalability, in our web development process. A scalable web app can easily assist when there are business variations in the future.

Our services:

Our services in Web Development include the following:

  • The first stage covers the translation of the psd design into the markups and for the markup language we use HTML5 and CSS3 with the appropriate client-side scripting languages like JavaScript.
  • We also use react.js and angular.js which are the frameworks of JavaScript.
  • For the development of server side we cover an extensive range in Php as our core development backend language as well as Laravel which is a framework of Php.
  • We deal in static as well as dynamic Php web development.
  • We also deal in content management system using WordPress.
  • We also provide e-commerce solutions to our clients using Magento.

A leading software company managed by experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields! SSA Soft constantly struggles for its valued clients to provide them cutting edge solutions with out-of-the-box thinking and ideas to make your business flourish. Our promise is to deliver modern solutions for our web site development service. So if you are looking for a devoted, methodical, and well-organized team of solution providers just give us a call!