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Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Testing & Quality Assurance Services:

An elemental part of the software development is the Quality Assurance of the developed system from the initial user requirement phase to the final testing with user acceptance and support. Testing the modern applications is crucial as these are complex in nature due to the improvement in technology with every passing day. With the increased complexity there is a risk of more bugs which remain unidentified with the traditional methods of testing being applied in the organizations. At SSA Soft latest trends and techniques are being implied so that each and every bug is tested before the software is shipped to the client for official deployment.

Testing as an important aspect of software engineering requires some specific tools, skills, methodologies, experience and of course talent. SSA Soft feels proud in saying that the team comprises of experts and professionals who are dedicated and are well aware of the best techniques to implement for testing the systems. The motivated Quality team is capable of testing and assuring the quality of different natures of applications; i.e. web applications, mobile applications, source code review (as major bugs can be identified from the code) and also the desktop applications.

As per the requirement of the application under test, specific test cases are developed by the SQA experts. The testing services offered include unit testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing, penetration testing, backup and recovery testing so that the application’s security can be ensured.

Following is the list of benefits which can be availed by incorporating the services of SQA from SSA Soft in your Applications and System Solutions:

  • Cutting edge technologies and tools are used for determining the quality of the software
  • Cost effective solutions are delivered by incorporating the best resources of the company
  • Best suited quality and testing services are provided to client systems