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Software development is basically the building of the software application while following all the steps listed in the lifecycle of software development. From the very beginning, collecting the requirements, building the design, developing the software, and then finally testing the developed solution, SSA Soft is playing its part partnering the customers. It is considered that successful business of the customers will eventually result in the success of SSA Soft. By adopting the approach defined by SDLC, experienced professionals are able to deliver high quality solutions for the customers with minimized bugs which mostly occur at the deployment time. Software development standards are followed while software development so that the customers’ business can achieve edge over the competitors.

The professional and highly motivated team of SSA Soft comprise of the qualified experts of Java, .Net, PHP, iOS, Android, HTML, CSS and Designing. The business analysts keenly understand the requirements described by the client which are then communicated with the skilled developers. The developers then design the prototype as per the requirements of the client which is then approved by the client in order to start the development phase of the software. The software incremented in every phase is tested for maintaining the quality while the project is under development so that in the end the risk of any potential bugs is reduced. Finally the software is tested and the quality standards are checked by the experienced team of SQA in SSA Soft.

Delivery of standard software products within the approved budget is the responsibility of Project Managers of the company. Following key advantages can be achieved by preferring the Software Development Services of SSA Soft:

  • Flexible Software Solution which is adaptable to environmental changes
  • Keen requirement acquisition which are then fulfilled by the expert teams
  • Agile development methodologies implementation and timely delivery of software with the choices of improvements and easier enhancements
  • Attempting Quality Assurance strategies so that software delivered is free from all kinds of serious bugs
  • Providing continuous support after the completion of project