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Secure Code Review

Manual Code Review

It is not possible to detect all the vulnerabilities without manually reviewing the code. In many cases it is reliable and efficient to manually review the code instead for using some testing tools and or examining that using some software. Data protection, log maintenance of bugs or issues, system’s inter-communications and usage, encryption and access controls can be efficiently monitored using the manual review of the code written for the applications.

The data flow within the application between different modules from its entry point to its exit can be traced and reviewed by using the effective method of manual code review. Architectural vulnerabilities are identified by SSA SOFT by analyzing the implied security architecture within the application in order to remove the architectural threats.

Static Analysis

Manual Code Review is defended as an essential of application testing method at SSA SOFT. Instead of using any other approach for testing the application the most accurate and efficient results are delivered by reviewing the code of the application. Not only that the efficiency of the method is considerable, but the cost incurred for such a review is also effective.

The tools and software used for the application assessment are both commercial and proprietary essentially. Application assessment is performed using many other approaches but code review is considered to be an efficient method for this purpose. In this approach not only the code review but the security testing of the application is performed, all while staying into the budgets of clients. The tools for scanning the code are custom tailored so that the results could be generated with highest possible quality; upon which then keen diagnosis and analysis is performed to verify the generated results.

Identification of weakness by the scanning tools, depend on the application and the signature databases for exploring the vulnerability. The instances of XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF, open ports and others can be traced by making use of the tools. The training of the tool is required only once in order to understand the controls in the application; these can then be used for achieving more advanced security operations.