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PPC Management:

PPC is termed as ‘Pay per Click’ and this is the most common model used for search engine based marketing. With the immense increase in the competition among brands available online there is a proportional need for the effective marketing over the web. PPC is therefore considered to be the online marketing campaign of brands. In PPC model, the websites of the brands using the services of PPC are placed in the sponsored results of the search engines.

At SSA SOFT, PPC management for the business of clients is done by keeping an eye on the trends of PPC implemented in the market. The competent team of SSA SOFT consists of professionals and experts who critically analyze the impact of PPC on the business and then tailor the techniques suited for the particular brands and clients. The website traffic for the brand can be increased if the PPC is monitored and maintained efficiently. The goals of the brands are identified and the best suited and cost effective service pack for PPC is custom tailored.

The services offered by SSA SOFT for PPC management are:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Ecommerce and PLA’s (Product Listing Ads)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Analytics and Attribution Support

The brands can increase their revenue by appropriately bringing their website in the top rankings by using the compelling PPC techniques offered by the experienced professionals of SSA SOFT. The marketing cost incurred for PPC vary according to the goals of the organization but the increase in the generated revenue can be considerably observed.