Power BI

Power BI

What is BI?

Having a proven track record in Business Intelligence, SSA Soft has helped several customers achieve their business goals with the technical expertise, translating your historical data into actionable insight and made informed business decisions. Our vendor agnostic capabilities help organizations choose what’s best for their business.

Being the leader Quadrant, Power BI is a self-service business intelligence delivered through the Excel, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. It is business analytic service with which you can make your business decisions in a quick and efficient way based on the business insights it gathers by transforming your data into visuals.

Power BI helps achieve you the following business objectives:

  • Connect data from multiple online and on-premise data sources e.g. data connectivity through multiple online and on premise sources
  • Uncovers business insights by analyzing data
  • It generates reports and dashboards with interactive up-to-date visualization
  • It shares reports and cooperate flawlessly
  • For query and analyzing data it uses natural language; you don’t need to learn a new language for it.
  • Power BI’s APIs are used as extended platform to create custom visualizations
  • Be well-versed: always real time
  • Ask questions, acquire answers
  • Curated content, only for your business
  • Finish the chaos: Everyone on the same side
  • Make data-driven conclusions, from anyplace
  • Integrate with Power BI

Bring Your Data to Existence with Power BI

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence solution carried out through Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Excel.

It gets your company’s data, passes it together for examination, dash boarding, reporting and association with an instinctive and graphic rich experience. Power BI makes it easier to analyze and envision data and it helps discover insights and tracks your data with greater speed and understanding to make better business decisions. In one dashboard you can view your business live in 360 degrees view and you can monitor your data anywhere on any device in real-time. You can also set up mobile alerts if your data is changed. Your generated reports and dashboards can also be shared with your colleagues without any distress. The simple drag and drop feature of Power BI makes it so much easier to view and explore your business in a deeper way.   It is built and optimized for cloud and mobile it transforms forms and combines your data into persuasive and interactive reports. You can straightforwardly clean, shape and model your data to generate impactful reports. It also deploys swiftly at cloud level, and makes you full in control of your cost with a malleable, subscription-based pricing model.

Power BI allows you to observe your business at a glimpse and get answers to critical business queries rapidly.

  • Link data from multiple on-premise and online data sources
  • Analyze data to uncover business insights
  • Create dashboards and reports with modern, interactive visualization
  • Share reports and collaborate without a glitch
  • Use natural language for query and analyzing data
  • PowerBI’s API extends the platform to create custom visualizations
  • Ask queries, get responses
  • Curated content, only for your company
  • Ends chaos: Everyone on the same side
  • Integrate with Power BI and make data-driven conclusions, from anywhere