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Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing Services

A highly skilled and professional hacking team is the strength of SSA Soft when it comes to the services related to Penetration Testing. Latest and state of the art techniques are implemented in order to determine the threats, and investigating the security infrastructure of the organization. All the tactics which are implied by the illegal hackers to gain access to the organizations’ information and assets are applied by the experts of SSA Soft.

Security Checks in Multiple Scopes:

The scopes in which the Penetration Testing is applied by the Ethical Hackers of SSA Soft are:

Black Box Testing:

This is the typical form for Penetration Testing and the organizations commonly don’t provide wide range of information but access to only the IP address and in some cases the name of the organization is provided. It is then up to the skills and expertise of experienced technical persons of SSA Soft to perform the testing.

White Box Testing:

The controls and assets of IT infrastructure in an organization are checked in order to assess the efficiency and durability. This is the area of testing in which the customers provide access to the servers, controls, network systems and any kind of information needed to perform the test.

Grey Box Testing:

In this testing technique, white box testing techniques are applied in order to comprehensively test the organization’s private systems which are not accessible publicly but with some malfunctioning those can be accessed by the hackers. The web services and other network controls are tested using the technique of black box testing. This is therefore the mixture of Black and White box testing as the name suggests, Grey Box Testing.

Penetration Testing Services Suit

includes the following aspects of Organization’s security:

  • External Network Penetration
  • Internal Network Penetration
  • Server Application Penetration
  • Web Application Penetration
  • Mobile Application Penetration
  • Client Application Penetration
  • Physical Security Penetration