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Application Development & Roll out Services:

Effective deployment strategy of the software applications developed within the companies is an important step which is often neglected by the companies for their project development lifecycle. An efficient strategy is required which should be able to deploy the system with its full features and functionalities in the client systems. SSA Soft is delivering productive project management services which are helping in the final deployment of the software. It is advised that before selecting any plan of Application Deployment Services research should be conducted in this regard so you can get the best out of your deal. The service pack offered by SSA Soft comprises of:

  • Detailed analysis of business model & requirements documentation
  • Procurement document management (including information request, proposals, quotations) along with the development of legal agreements and contracts
  • Managing the delivery of developed software (providing configurations, customizations, testing, training & operational management)

System Integration Services:

We are well aware of the fact that technology has indulged it in every business and in every single day to day activity. Organizations are now largely relying on the solutions which are supported by the computers and systems as there is increased accuracy and improved timely delivery of services. With this thing in mind, this is not difficult to realize that multiple software applications are being used within the organization at a single time. For an effective and streamlined flow of processes and activities within the organizations, the applications must be integrated together. For integrating solutions the services offered by SSA Soft are unparalleled. The best integration services are offered to the clients so that the productivity of the software applications can reach to the fullest. Expertise offered by SSA Soft for integration services include:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • CRM & Business Intelligence
  • Unified Communication
  • LAN & WAN Network System Integration
  • Wireless Network Integration

Consulting Services:

For increasing the long term profitability of the businesses and to cope up with the technological advancements currently happening in the environment, the use Information Technology is becoming obligatory in order to surpass the competitors. The expectations of the customers are high as they are well aware of the technology and want innovative services. SSA Soft is providing best consulting for businesses to incorporate the technological changes and advancements for improving the overall performance of the business, improving productivity and building connections with the partners and clients from across the globe. The consulting services comprise of:

  • Enabling companies to make use of the IT Services for improving their business and increasing the competitive edge
  • Minimizing the risk of compromising the assets of the company
  • Recovery of the business from the disaster or information loss in any uncertain or unexpected conditions
  • Attaining the compliance with organizations’ standards and implementing the best practices