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Complete Infrastructure Security


At SSA SOFT, it is considered to be the obligation to understand the infrastructure of client’s organization so that any potential threats and security breaches can be identified prior to the occurrence of any damage or information loss. Detailed assessment of the organization’s security infrastructure is performed for this reason. The methodologies developed by the experienced security personals are in compliance with the best practices adopted in the industry.

The specifically tailored practices are applied in various organizations both large scale and small scale and it has been proven that the experts at SSA SOFT are skillful professionals who are capable of determining the exposure of the organization, provide support for fighting any security flaw and can develop appropriate mitigation methods.


Infrastructure security services included in the wide range offered by SSA SOFT are:

  • Assessment of Security Architecture:Detailed monitoring and reporting of the currently used security architecture
  • Scanning Vulnerabilities: Expert Analysis and Comprehensive Internal and External scans against threats
  • Review of Device Configuration: Analyzing security configurations of devices and applying standards


  • Identification and improvement in application issues and configurations of device endangering the performance and security
  • Upgrading the Design of Security
  • Designing of flexible security services in order to protect the information and data of organizations
  • Diagnosis of flaws in architecture design which are generally identified lately
  • Ordering and categorizing of risks in security architecture and quick fixing those risks