Web Design

Web Designing

The most important part of web development is web designing. Your sales and marketing campaigns can get amped up with the use of a good website design. Conversely, your website is the illustration of your brand. Many businesses like to combine their morals into the web design they want, in this way the customer becomes aware straightaway that he is in the right place. Design is not just about visuals, a responsive design can help the fact that you are on your way to solve a customer’s problem.

Why SSA soft?

Like any other businesses we aim to become the best software solution service there is in town and therefore promise you to provide with the best design. With the help of our team of experts you will be able to attract the clients to your business. We also provide you with the up-to-date design strategies to keep you ahead of your competition.


The appealing visuals we use are important for emphasizing the design element. We use powerful elements and rich colors that convey the message about the brand.


The functionality of a website shouldn’t be interrupted by the web design and we ensure that by applying the rules which are needed for a website to be responsive. The term responsive refers to the design which is able to be adaptive on any device i.e. mobile or desktop.

Web Design types

Our team of experts can help you decide what would be the best design for your website which would attract the targeted audience. There are several types of design strategies like a flat design or a dynamic design, it would depend on you what your choice is and the type of audience you want to target. There is another type as well which is known as “flash design” but we recommend against it as its high interactivity can make it heavy to load.

Research skills

We have strongest group of expert web designers and developers who keep themselves updated with the newest trends and practices of the web solutions.  We use the latest designing tools and techniques which can catch up with the modern world and provide the best solution to its customers so they feel more satisfied and have long term relation with the company.  Whenever Google upgrades its algorithm, it presents a new set of stumbling blocks for the SEO and webmasters to overcome.

Inner page designing

Homepage designing is the major task for web designing and all the rest pages are designed in accordance to that. The main objective of all the home page and the inner pages focuses on the specific product or the theme of the business which it will be designed for. The inner pages will always consist of the color and design of the home page as well.

So it is essential to select the right kind of design because it would decide whether you lose a possible client or get a fresh one and we have the greatest professionals to provide you with the right kind of web design for your business.

Power BI

What is BI?

Having a proven track record in Business Intelligence, SSA Soft has helped several customers achieve their business goals with the technical expertise, translating your historical data into actionable insight and made informed business decisions. Our vendor agnostic capabilities help organizations choose what’s best for their business.

Being the leader Quadrant, Power BI is a self-service business intelligence delivered through the Excel, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. It is business analytic service with which you can make your business decisions in a quick and efficient way based on the business insights it gathers by transforming your data into visuals.

Power BI helps achieve you the following business objectives:

  • Connect data from multiple online and on-premise data sources e.g. data connectivity through multiple online and on premise sources
  • Uncovers business insights by analyzing data
  • It generates reports and dashboards with interactive up-to-date visualization
  • It shares reports and cooperate flawlessly
  • For query and analyzing data it uses natural language; you don’t need to learn a new language for it.
  • Power BI’s APIs are used as extended platform to create custom visualizations
  • Be well-versed: always real time
  • Ask questions, acquire answers
  • Curated content, only for your business
  • Finish the chaos: Everyone on the same side
  • Make data-driven conclusions, from anyplace
  • Integrate with Power BI

Bring Your Data to Existence with Power BI

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence solution carried out through Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Excel.

It gets your company’s data, passes it together for examination, dash boarding, reporting and association with an instinctive and graphic rich experience. Power BI makes it easier to analyze and envision data and it helps discover insights and tracks your data with greater speed and understanding to make better business decisions. In one dashboard you can view your business live in 360 degrees view and you can monitor your data anywhere on any device in real-time. You can also set up mobile alerts if your data is changed. Your generated reports and dashboards can also be shared with your colleagues without any distress. The simple drag and drop feature of Power BI makes it so much easier to view and explore your business in a deeper way.   It is built and optimized for cloud and mobile it transforms forms and combines your data into persuasive and interactive reports. You can straightforwardly clean, shape and model your data to generate impactful reports. It also deploys swiftly at cloud level, and makes you full in control of your cost with a malleable, subscription-based pricing model.

Power BI allows you to observe your business at a glimpse and get answers to critical business queries rapidly.

  • Link data from multiple on-premise and online data sources
  • Analyze data to uncover business insights
  • Create dashboards and reports with modern, interactive visualization
  • Share reports and collaborate without a glitch
  • Use natural language for query and analyzing data
  • PowerBI’s API extends the platform to create custom visualizations
  • Ask queries, get responses
  • Curated content, only for your company
  • Ends chaos: Everyone on the same side
  • Integrate with Power BI and make data-driven conclusions, from anywhere

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development

To communicate with customers of several businesses, a mobile application has become the most popular and interesting way. Mobile Application trends are evolving owing to the fact that everybody is having access to mobile devices actively. Customers are becoming smarter than ever before and they are consequently looking for answers on their fingertips instead for wandering around.  Corporations and businesses who are making use of mobile applications to reach out to their target customers are certainly at the better competitive edge in the market, they truly are taking advantage of mobile technology usage.

Mobile Applications are helpful to keep the customers for the longer duration of time which is fulfilled by providing them with the services and facilities from anywhere they are just with the help of their phones.

Keeping in view all these points, we deliver unmatched services of custom mobile application development and get you the best of our services which would also attract the target audience.

Our well qualified and expert mobile application developers at SSA Soft make the use of the newest trends and styles in Mobile App Development and generate matchlessly and advance solutions for business growth.

They consider it their foremost duty to satisfy the customers with the execution of the best software development practices there is.

While developing the solutions we make sure that the best quality standards are being met just to satisfy our customers; we design and develop the best-suited application for their businesses.

The following benefits are attained if you choose SSA Soft as your mobile app development solution provider:

  • We offer the best mobile application development for your business in the minimum amount.
  • Allowing the company to build stronger customer relationship which results in customer contentment and in the long run improves the customer wing
  • We have association and communication with our partners, customers, employees, and stakeholders at all times, resulting in an amplified competitive edge of the company in the marketplace which outshines the competitors
  • We also provide opportunities which are available to our customer instantly which makes the customer experience even better.

Resources Augmentation

Resource Augmentation Services

Software Projects are crucial for the companies and organizations dealing with clients. The success of projects ensures the satisfaction of the clients which result in better business opportunities ahead. A project can only be successful if a company has best resources that are capable and skilled for performing the jobs and duties which are assigned to them. There are chances when the company is already managing multiple projects at a time and the resources are not enough to bear the burden of work but alongside there is the constraint of not hiring additional resources due to any reason. This is the situation where companies get stuck and the appropriate management is not done which results in lacking performance of overall business strategy.

Resource augmentation is the solution for the problem in which SSA Soft offers the services of hired resources who can deliver the work assigned with high quality and meeting standards. The professionals are well aware of the fact that how important the milestones and deadlines are so they consciously manage timelines of the projects. The experts at SSA Soft have sound understanding of the IT Concept and they work collaboratively with teams both within and outside of the organization. Resource Augmentation at SSA Soft provides the following benefits:

  • Overcoming resource shortage without hiring resources for full time job
  • Cost effective solution for companies without outsourcing their projects
  • Increasing the skill set of the organization
  • Timely delivery of projects while managing the budgets
  • Flexibility in the commitment of the experts for short and long term projects

Software Development

Software Development Services

Software development is basically the building of the software application while following all the steps listed in the lifecycle of software development. From the very beginning, collecting the requirements, building the design, developing the software, and then finally testing the developed solution, SSA Soft is playing its part partnering the customers. It is considered that successful business of the customers will eventually result in the success of SSA Soft. By adopting the approach defined by SDLC, experienced professionals are able to deliver high quality solutions for the customers with minimized bugs which mostly occur at the deployment time. Software development standards are followed while software development so that the customers’ business can achieve edge over the competitors.

The professional and highly motivated team of SSA Soft comprise of the qualified experts of Java, .Net, PHP, iOS, Android, HTML, CSS and Designing. The business analysts keenly understand the requirements described by the client which are then communicated with the skilled developers. The developers then design the prototype as per the requirements of the client which is then approved by the client in order to start the development phase of the software. The software incremented in every phase is tested for maintaining the quality while the project is under development so that in the end the risk of any potential bugs is reduced. Finally the software is tested and the quality standards are checked by the experienced team of SQA in SSA Soft.

Delivery of standard software products within the approved budget is the responsibility of Project Managers of the company. Following key advantages can be achieved by preferring the Software Development Services of SSA Soft:

  • Flexible Software Solution which is adaptable to environmental changes
  • Keen requirement acquisition which are then fulfilled by the expert teams
  • Agile development methodologies implementation and timely delivery of software with the choices of improvements and easier enhancements
  • Attempting Quality Assurance strategies so that software delivered is free from all kinds of serious bugs
  • Providing continuous support after the completion of project

Other Services

Other Services

Application Development & Roll out Services:

Effective deployment strategy of the software applications developed within the companies is an important step which is often neglected by the companies for their project development lifecycle. An efficient strategy is required which should be able to deploy the system with its full features and functionalities in the client systems. SSA Soft is delivering productive project management services which are helping in the final deployment of the software. It is advised that before selecting any plan of Application Deployment Services research should be conducted in this regard so you can get the best out of your deal. The service pack offered by SSA Soft comprises of:

  • Detailed analysis of business model & requirements documentation
  • Procurement document management (including information request, proposals, quotations) along with the development of legal agreements and contracts
  • Managing the delivery of developed software (providing configurations, customizations, testing, training & operational management)

System Integration Services:

We are well aware of the fact that technology has indulged it in every business and in every single day to day activity. Organizations are now largely relying on the solutions which are supported by the computers and systems as there is increased accuracy and improved timely delivery of services. With this thing in mind, this is not difficult to realize that multiple software applications are being used within the organization at a single time. For an effective and streamlined flow of processes and activities within the organizations, the applications must be integrated together. For integrating solutions the services offered by SSA Soft are unparalleled. The best integration services are offered to the clients so that the productivity of the software applications can reach to the fullest. Expertise offered by SSA Soft for integration services include:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • CRM & Business Intelligence
  • Unified Communication
  • LAN & WAN Network System Integration
  • Wireless Network Integration

Consulting Services:

For increasing the long term profitability of the businesses and to cope up with the technological advancements currently happening in the environment, the use Information Technology is becoming obligatory in order to surpass the competitors. The expectations of the customers are high as they are well aware of the technology and want innovative services. SSA Soft is providing best consulting for businesses to incorporate the technological changes and advancements for improving the overall performance of the business, improving productivity and building connections with the partners and clients from across the globe. The consulting services comprise of:

  • Enabling companies to make use of the IT Services for improving their business and increasing the competitive edge
  • Minimizing the risk of compromising the assets of the company
  • Recovery of the business from the disaster or information loss in any uncertain or unexpected conditions
  • Attaining the compliance with organizations’ standards and implementing the best practices

Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Testing & Quality Assurance Services:

An elemental part of the software development is the Quality Assurance of the developed system from the initial user requirement phase to the final testing with user acceptance and support. Testing the modern applications is crucial as these are complex in nature due to the improvement in technology with every passing day. With the increased complexity there is a risk of more bugs which remain unidentified with the traditional methods of testing being applied in the organizations. At SSA Soft latest trends and techniques are being implied so that each and every bug is tested before the software is shipped to the client for official deployment.

Testing as an important aspect of software engineering requires some specific tools, skills, methodologies, experience and of course talent. SSA Soft feels proud in saying that the team comprises of experts and professionals who are dedicated and are well aware of the best techniques to implement for testing the systems. The motivated Quality team is capable of testing and assuring the quality of different natures of applications; i.e. web applications, mobile applications, source code review (as major bugs can be identified from the code) and also the desktop applications.

As per the requirement of the application under test, specific test cases are developed by the SQA experts. The testing services offered include unit testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing, penetration testing, backup and recovery testing so that the application’s security can be ensured.

Following is the list of benefits which can be availed by incorporating the services of SQA from SSA Soft in your Applications and System Solutions:

  • Cutting edge technologies and tools are used for determining the quality of the software
  • Cost effective solutions are delivered by incorporating the best resources of the company
  • Best suited quality and testing services are provided to client systems

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding Solutions

For grasping the attention of the customers and the target audience of the business, the image of the business should be delivered carefully with the appropriate designing of logo and other such branding solutions. Corporate branding is more than just branding the products and services offered by the company but it is actually the branding of the entire company. For making the customers recognize your corporate brand it is necessary that you must (as a company) stand out from the crowd of competitors within the business. Keeping this thing in view, the Logo of the company should deliver the hidden message of the company and should be well understood by the audience.

For businesses ranging from small to medium sizes, corporate branding is the key which if applied appropriately will result in massive hit within the competitors. SSA Soft takes care of the corporate branding of the business appropriately as it is a fact that for our own company we make use of the best strategies. Corporate branding affects all the stakeholders of the company including the customers, employees and other partners.

The skilled corporate branding team identifies the market share of the client organization and then defines the positioning statement of the business. The recognition of the customer segment is done and a comprehensive analysis is conducted in order to determine the unique solution for every business.