Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

In the digital world, websites of businesses and brands are the means for communicating the brand to the consumer. Everyone is on the web and the concept for online businesses is increasing with the passage of every single day. For effective consumer satisfaction and stable position in the market, only the development of websites is not sufficient. There is the need for constant updates and maintenance so that the visitors of the website can be engaged in the challenging business environments. SSA SOFT takes pride in this regard be offering fully customized web maintenance services to the customers so that they can focus on what really matter; i.e. their business instead of the web management.

The up to date and professional website is responsible of building up the impression of the business in the mind of the client. But in case it is lacking some recent trend or feature available in other competitor’s business, then it will be a huge disadvantage for the brand. SSA SOFT has an experienced team of professional web maintenance experts who know what to do and from where to start the maintenance. The benefits of services offered to the clients include:

  • Fast Approach
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Knowledgeable Experts
  • Friendly Team
  • Client Accountability
  • Maintainability of Systems

The approach for effective web maintenance selected by SSA SOFT is not only cost effective but also of high quality within the minimum estimated time limit so that the client business can’t face any kind of backwardness.

Social Media Boost

Social Media Boost

With the advancement of online shopping and availability of brands over the web, the need for marketing them using the digital channels is most important than ever before. There are varieties of social channels for engaging the targeted audience of the brand using the internet and communicating them the message of the business. Services offered by SSA SOFT for the efficient digital promotion of client’s business include Social Media Boost. These services provide the advantages of making use of the social media channels (like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) in order to promote the brand and conversing the potential customers of the business.

Experienced professionals of SSA SOFT are capable of generating traffic to the website of the brand by effectively captivating the attention of the consumers of the product. Social media channels are an important way of building the trust of the customers as the customers are aware that there is someone present on the business side who will be responding to their concerns timely. As a matter of fact, this consideration of customers makes them confident about some brand and thus the impression of the business last for a longer duration.

The cooperating team of SSA SOFT for social media boost is competent in:

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Community Engagement
  • Brand Resource Management
  • Protecting Brand Promotion
  • Increasing Positive Reviews
  • Analyzing Business Reputation

The team of SSA SOFT, shares the knowledge on multiple social channels for targeting majority of customers available online. Discussions within the groups about the brand can help in understanding the customer’s requirements and thus the business can bring change according to the improvements specified by the customers. The number of post reach, likes and shares can be helpful for the brand to analyze its overall performance within the competitive online marketing environment. All this can be managed by professionals of SSA SOFT, so that the brand can focus on developing business strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Business’s efficient digital marketing and branding is based on the extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The use of technology for branding and promoting the businesses is gaining interest and popularity due to the access to the smart devices by everyone. This is a continuous way of staying in touch with the end user of the brand. Using the techniques of SEO, the websites of the clients are optimized in a manner that these are highly ranked and come at top positions within the leading search engines of the market; i.e. Google, Bing or Yahoo.

SSA SOFT takes care of the SEO of brand’s websites so that they can always stay at the top. Efficient SEO is not only the accomplishment of SSA SOFT but achieves remarkable advancement for the businesses of clients. The SEO experts are capable of updating the techniques as per the changing methodologies implemented by the search engines for their ranking algorithms.

The trusted and comprehensive strategies applied for SEO of websites are:

  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Keywords Planning
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Keywords Ranking

It is a common observation that in daily routine, individuals usually open the links which are on the first page of the search engine. End users of the businesses tend to believe that “if something searched is not on the first page then it does not exist” and then they change the query. The mindset of end users and the competition among brands becomes the basis for promoting the business and to bring it on the top of generated results of search engines. With the expert SEO team of SSA SOFT brands can achieve increased amount of traffic for their website which results in the attainment of business goals.

PPC Management

PPC Management:

PPC is termed as ‘Pay per Click’ and this is the most common model used for search engine based marketing. With the immense increase in the competition among brands available online there is a proportional need for the effective marketing over the web. PPC is therefore considered to be the online marketing campaign of brands. In PPC model, the websites of the brands using the services of PPC are placed in the sponsored results of the search engines.

At SSA SOFT, PPC management for the business of clients is done by keeping an eye on the trends of PPC implemented in the market. The competent team of SSA SOFT consists of professionals and experts who critically analyze the impact of PPC on the business and then tailor the techniques suited for the particular brands and clients. The website traffic for the brand can be increased if the PPC is monitored and maintained efficiently. The goals of the brands are identified and the best suited and cost effective service pack for PPC is custom tailored.

The services offered by SSA SOFT for PPC management are:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Ecommerce and PLA’s (Product Listing Ads)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Analytics and Attribution Support

The brands can increase their revenue by appropriately bringing their website in the top rankings by using the compelling PPC techniques offered by the experienced professionals of SSA SOFT. The marketing cost incurred for PPC vary according to the goals of the organization but the increase in the generated revenue can be considerably observed.

Content Writing

Content Writing

Content writing is considered as an artistic ability and it is believed that not everyone is able to write creative content. Along with this, another fact is that quality content writing is not merely an art but it requires efforts and hard work in order to make the content beautiful and excellent. At SSA SOFT, the content writer team comprises on the experienced professionals who are responsible of delivering high quality content without any plagiarized material. They are aware of the fact that maintenance of SEO strategies while writing content is of extreme importance now than ever before.

Brand promotions these days are making use of the digital marketing and for this reason websites play an important role. When it comes to websites, quality of content is vital resource for engaging the visitors. If the content they come across is of high quality and present them with something unique then they will visit the site frequently. This can be considered as first impression of the brand with the potential customers spread on the World Wide Web. SSA SOFT recognizes the fact and presents the following writing services to the clients:

  • Website Content
  • Press Release
  • Newsletter
  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Social Posts Content
  • Product Description
  • Meta Data

Content writing style is different in varying content types, so everyone is not able to write every kind of content. At SSA SOFT, the team consists of experts for different content types who are capable of presenting attractive content for the brands as they are experienced. The timely delivery of content while managing the best quality as directed by the clients is solely the efficiency of the efficient writers of SSA SOFT.



Branding business digitally is becoming increasingly important due to the huge range of devices at the access of end users. Digital Branding is implied for presenting the user with a wide exposure of the specific business domain. At SSA Soft, the creativity of digital content is considered to be of great importance when it comes to design the artifacts of client’s businesses. The design experts of SSA Soft create compelling designs for businesses by using their natural creativity in order to provide unique and exclusive designs.

The exceptional design support includes:

  • Logo Designing
  • Contemporary Print Design
  • Branding
  • Promotional Design
  • Business Marketing
  • Advertising Designs

Marketing proposals, corporate profiles, flex print, brochures, flyers, catalogue designing and brand logo creation are some of the expertise on the credit of SSA SOFT’s web designs, artworks branding and offset designs.

The experienced designers of SSA Soft are passionate about creating dominating artworks so that the brands can have additional benefits added in their business. The application of digital marketing is economical as compared to other means of marketing but it exhibits the brand in an efficient manner to the target market.

With the services offered by SSA Soft for Artwork designing it is assumed that the client’s brand can focus on the business strategy development and leaving the composing of the design artifacts to the expert designers. With the use of custom tailored artifacts the client brands can effectively communicate their message to the target audience with long-lasting impression.