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Text4Customer (Mobile Campaign Management System)

Text4Customers – a web based message campaign management system that allows organizations to manage and launch SMS based campaigns in an innovative and simple way to reach their target customers. The system is equipped with extremely flexible and powerful sending engine, which automatically sends messages out to recipients as per the unique schedule of all its users.


Key Features

The following are the high level features of the application:

  • Two-way automated mobile campaign management system
  • Campaign Keywords Management
  • Create message templates for future use
  • Manage contact(s) and contact group(s)
  • Send bulk message(s) to targeted contact(s) / group(s)
  • Single and bulk messages sending facility
  • Campaign & Message Scheduling
  • Easily imports recipients from Excel & CSV spreadsheets
  • Manage multiple businesses with different dedicated accounts
  • Facility to refer campaign URL to mailing list (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Ability to import address book from different mail server (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.)
  • Provides attractive packages along with the Trail Package
  • Define multiple message campaigns via customer’s defined APIs
  • Define 3 levels of auto response message templates using MO/MT
  • Creates campaign links through Widgets to embed URL into private and social media sites
  • Has the capability to make changes to your package plan
  • Capacity to add credits into your selected package plan
  • Comprehensive reporting tool to get statistics of your campaigns with ease
  • High delivery rate with security

Key Benefits / Advantages

The following are the key benefits of the Text4Customers application:

  • Fully automated, interactive messaging solution
  • Define, execute, manage and monitor your campaigns in an innovative way
  • Quick, efficient and cost effective marketing tool
  • Products promotions
  • Newsletters distributions
  • Enterprise announcements
  • May result in an increased number of customers
  • Approach customer at right place and at the right time with convenience
  • 24/7 global availability
  • User-friendly interface