Text2Reach – a unique and innovative web based bulk messages sender system that makes sending mass messaging a breeze. The system enables you to create message content, load it into the system, and deliver these text messages to an unlimited number of receipts, simultaneously. Much like the Mail2Reach application, this system is also equipped with an exceedingly powerful and flexible sending engine.

Key Features

The following are the high level features of the application:

  • Single and bulk messages sending facility
  • Message Scheduling
  • Simple message creation
  • The Mobile Number Validation Facility
  • Message Testing Facility
  • Clients Management
  • Short Code Configuration
  • Easy import of recipients from Excel spreadsheets
  • Capacity to manage multiple businesses with different dedicated accounts
  • Live message-sending statistics
  • Comprehensive reports and analytics
  • High delivery rate with security

Key Benefits / Advantages

The following are the key benefits of the Text2Reach application:

  • Quick, efficient and cost effective marketing tool
  • Products promotions
  • Newsletters distributions
  • Enterprise announcements
  • May result in an increased number of customers
  • Approach customers at right place and at the right time, with convenience
  • 24/7 global availability
  • User-friendly interface