Messaging Campaigns Management System (MCMS)

Messaging Campaign Management System (MCMS) – an innovative web-based application, which allows businesses to define and manage messaging campaigns and is available at a relatively negligible cost. It is a revolutionary online interface that takes your business to a new level, allowing you to create and customize, execute, and analyze multiple campaigns simultaneously. Amongst its offerings, the MCMS offers a comprehensive reporting instrument that allows you to track, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns utilizing tools that determine the Return on Investment of each of your campaigns that have been executed. The platform has been designed with the option of customized invoice reporting, allowing your organization to generate and email reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, it includes the added bonus of a provision to define auto response text messages, emails, and more.

Key Features

The following are the high level features of the application:

  • Program Implementation This module provides you with options for setting up a campaign in a 6-step process
  • Campaign Parameters This module provides businesses with the capacity to define and manage campaign specific parameters, such as industry, Super Folio, Program Name, drugs, intervals, actions, events, languages, message types, contact persons, dosage, campaign overheads, campaign conditions, etc.
  • Campaign Setup This module provides you with the following facilities to define and manage the campaigns;
    • Campaign cloning
    • Campaign status (View only, will change automatically based on start and end dates)
  • Campaign Management This module provides the following facilities to managing a campaign
  • Campaign Messages A provision to define campaign messages
  • Campaign Overheads A provision to define the overheads of a campaign
  • Message Flow The ability to manage message flows for a campaign
  • Campaign Status A facility to manage the campaign status (Active/In-Active)
  • Invoice Reporting Provision to generate the following invoice reports for select campaigns;
    • Invoice Detail Report
    • Invoice Summary Report
  • Reports Provision to generate comprehensive reports to get campaigns related statistics

Key Benefits / Advantages

The following are the key benefits of the Messaging Campaign Management System application:

  • Developed with intelligent multi-channel and multi-stage campaign management capabilities
  • Built with predominant communication channels in mind (SMS, MMS, IVR, and Email) for maximum customer engagement
  • Offers the ability to effectively define, execute and manage campaigns utilizing multiple channels
  • 24/7 global availability
  • Provides campaign measurement and analysis tools
  • Continuously reducing the cost spent on inaccurate marketing attempts
  • Drives automatic campaigns with uninterrupted processing, without the need for user intervention, and using real-time response and activity data
  • Allows users to assess the return on their investments in messaging campaigns, ensuring real-time measurements and benchmarking of campaign effectiveness