Information Security Training and Awareness Portal

Information Security Training & Awareness Portal – a web-based application, serves as a user-friendly platform for the employees of an organization to learn about information security. This portal allows employees to improve their knowledge on the topic of information security, which will eventually allow them to contribute towards tightening the overall security infrastructure of the organization at which they are employed.

Through this portal employees will be provided with learning material such as:

  • Informative presentations
  • White papers
  • Policies/Standards
  • Policies/Standards
  • The latest news and security releases

Subsequently, the Information Security Training and Awareness Portal allows management to assess their employees and determine whether training and knowledge enhancement projects are having the desired effect. This is done with the help of an examination engine, from which comprehensive reports can be generated to analyze the performance of employees on various trainings, and evaluate the outcomes.

Information Security Training and Awareness Portal

Key Features

The following are the high level features of the application:

  • Trainings management (Compliance Trainings, Artifacts, Security Policies & Standards)
  • Question bank management
  • Trainings & exam scheduling
  • User Groups Management (with Active Directory Integration)
  • Training assessments
  • Comprehensive and fully dynamic exams engine
  • Training results & certificate printing facility
  • Photo Gallery management (diagrams, training images etc.)
  • Comprehensive and consolidated statistical reports

Key Benefits / Advantages

The following are the key benefits of the Information Security Training and Awareness Portal application:

  • Attachment material can be in the formats: FLV, MP4, MPEG, JPEG, PDF, PPT, Links (Web, YouTube) etc.
  • Diagrams and video resource integration in exam questions
  • Fully randomized questions
  • Human Interaction design aspects
  • Fully dynamic (CMS) application with strong database at the backend
  • User-friendly and easy to use interfaces
  • Ability to assign, update and delete privileges to different user groups
  • The portal helps to increase and evaluate the skills and knowledge of employees
  • 24/7 globe availability
  • Real-time activities logging, tracking, and monitoring
  • Optimizes resources and other costs associated with maintaining training programs