Activity Managment System(AMS)

Activity Management System (AMS) –an innovative web-based system loaded with some of the best activity defining, monitoring and approving tools. It allows organizations to acquire details on all ongoing and historical activities pertaining to their projects and their employees.

Additionally, the system provides management with the tools to both monitor and evaluate employee performance and the status of ongoing business projects on daily basis. AMS enables employees to log their activities, daily, and against relevant projects. Through this user-friendly interface, employees can also apply for work leaves. As such, it helps the organization to deliver various projects in a timely manner.
Activity Managment System(AMS)

Key Features

The following are the high level features of the application:

  • Dashboard A provision to analyze projects and the attendance statuses of employees
  • Project A facility that allows organizations define the projects details
  • Task Allows management to log and approve the daily tasks of relevant projects
  • Employee Employee Profile Management
  • Gazetted Holidays A module, which defines gazetted holidays on an annual basis
  • Leave Applications A provision through which the members of the organization can apply and approve leave application
  • Leave Policy Can be linked to employee’s profile to track their leave records
  • Approvals Enables management to view, assess, and approve the tasks and leaves logged by employees

Key Benefits / Advantages

The following are the key benefits of the Messaging Campaign Management System application:

  • Provides tools to analyze employee’s performance
  • Leads to an increase in employee productivity
  • Improved decision making through access to detailed reporting and centralized data
  • Organizations can upgrade, organize, and manage every detail within a single all-inclusive system
  • 24/7 global availability
  • Offers the best tracking and storage of activities for all employees
  • Provides real-time logging, tracking, and monitoring of activities
  • Offers personalized activity lists for all levels of users