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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

In today’s active and distinctive industry landscape, victory is not reliant on only regular principles; rather, it necessitates distinctive and keener business tactics that attain healthier business quality. Your business would need a partner with international knowledge and world-class workforce that can benefit you in accomplishing your business objectives. We at SSA Soft, provide our customers and partners with the correct tools, assets and maintenance they require to be successful. We are one of the top companies that specialize in technology centered business consultancy. Regardless of your company proportions, we will offer you with our best assets to achieve full value out of your investments on technology. We are entirely dedicated on rising our customers and partners business, their setup and help them investing in the correct technology, people and also in reducing the costs growing and their revenues consequently making them financially tough and doable organizations that develop at its maximum speed.

Our Mission & Vision


Our dream is to become a complete solution provider in the IT Business Solutions and Information Security Services areas. We want to constantly grow as an advanced solutions, innovative and service provider with an effective customer service and support at reasonable charges using state of the art technologies.
SSA Soft attempts for the success of its clients by presenting ground-breaking ideas, concepts, and designs with the modern tools and technologies.


Our mission is to live up to the requirements of our client’s on time in an operational way with their approval by embracing the following rules:

  • Deliver strong & secure IT Business Solutions using cutting-edge technologies that meet business requirements of our clients
  • Develop cost effective solutions within swift turnaround time
  • Unceasingly launch, creative and innovative products to meet market needs and principles
  • Build and uphold long-term client association across the world
  • Constantly coach & instruct our team with up-to-date trends and technologies to develop innovative and state of the art solutions.

Our Expertise

Our advanced and high-tech solutions and aggressive use of the modern technologies help our customers address thought-provoking business choices and mend their bottom line through positive returns on their IT investments.

Microsoft .NET  Microsoft .Net
Java  Java
html5  Html5
Mysql  MySql
OS Commerce  OS Commerce
Microsoft SQL Server  Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle  Oracle
Joomla  Joomla
Wordpress  WordPress
Adobe Illustrator  Adobe Illustrator
Linux Platform  Linux Platform
Drupal  Drupal
Magento  Magento
Ruby on Rails  Ruby on Rails
Adobe Photoshop  Adobe Photoshop
3D Design Service  3D Design Service
Adobe Flash  Adobe Flash
Adobe Dreamweaver  Adobe Dreamweaver
Microsoft Silverlight  Microsoft Silverlight
Mac Platform  Mac Platform
Windows(CE)  Windows(CE)
JBoss  JBoss
Tomcate  Tomcate
Hibernate  Hibernate
Apache Framework  Apache Framework
Zend Framework  Zend Framework
iPhone Development  iPhone Development
Android Development  Android Development
Visual C++  Visual C++
Microsoft Office  Microsoft Office
Facebook Development  Facebook Development
Rational Rose  Rational Rose